5 Reasons You May Want Purchase a Dendrobium Orchid

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Care and Culture

Dendrobium orchids are beautiful plants that produce colorful blooms in the winter-spring months that last up to 6 weeks. With over 1,600 species within the genus, there is a lot of variety among Dendrobium orchids. Given this variety, keep in mind that growing conditions may vary and you will want to be sure to know the specific care requirements for your particular plant.

That being said, if you’re looking to branch out and try a new genus, see if these 5 reasons fit with you!

5 Reasons You May Want Purchase a Dendrobium Orchid

  1. You have plenty of access to bright light.
  2. You’ve never grown a Dendrobium orchid before!
  3. You have a habit of forgetting to water your orchid on occasion (Dendrobiums like this much more than overwatering).
  4. You have that empty spot in your home that you’ve been looking to fill with the perfect plant; these orchids are sometimes taller than others and can fill a bare space no problem!
  5. You have bought and cared for Vanda or Cattleya orchids before with little or no problems (these orchids require similar care).

So you have bright light, the space and want to try your hand a something new? Great! Head on over to our post A Brief Overview of the Genus Dendrobium to read more about the genus and specific care requirements.

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