Easy Orchid Plant – Doritis Pulcherrima ‘Rosea’

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I define “easy” orchids as those that can be grown indoors in mild climates in homes that have the heating on during the daytime in winter.

A miniature species discovered in Malaya in 1833, this plant resembles Phalaenopsis in growth and will interbreed with this genus to produce the very colorful Doritaenopsis. The vivid coloring of the small flowers, which are carried up to a dozen at a time on an upright flower spike, can be seen very clearly in this variety. The species is extremely variable, with white and pink forms also known. It also has a tendency to repeat the lip patterning on the lateral petals, a form known as peloric. This attractive, compact plant must be grown in warm conditions and kept moist all year round.

Flower Size: 1 1/2 inches (4cm) across

Flower Spike: 6 inches (15cm)

Plant Spread: 3-4 inches (8-10cm)

Pot Size: 4 inches (10cm)

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