Easy Orchid Plants – Epidendrum Radicans var. Alba

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I define “easy” orchids as those that can be grown indoors in mild climates in homes that have the heating on during the daytime in winter.

This is the naturally albino form of the species, which in the type has red flowers. This variety is one of a number of color forms of this variable species. It is most often sold under the above name, although botanically it is described as E. ibaguense. The plant carries twenty to twenty-five white flowers on each dense head held at the end of a spike well above the foliage. The foliage is somewhat shorter and less prolific than in the type. Like E. radicans ‘Yellow,’ it can be grown as a bedding plant. Alternatively, it can be planted in a hanging basket where, in time, the new canes will assume a pendent habit and form a most graceful specimen, with numerous aerial roots extending from the plant to over 40 inches (1M) long. A succession of blooms means that this orchid will be in flower for several months.

Flower Size: 1 inch (2.5cm) across

Flower Spike: 1 foot (30cm)

Plant Height: 40 inches (1M)

Pot Size: 6 inches (15cm)

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