Easy Orchids – Dendrochilum Magnum

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I define “easy” orchids as those that can be grown indoors in mild climates in homes that have the heating on during the daytime in winter.

This autumn-flowering, cool-growing species needs water all year and is one of a number from Malaya and the Philippine Islands. Those with white flowers are known as the silver chain orchids; the species with light yellow flowers is called the golden chain orchid. The flowers are carried on a long, slender, drooping flower spike that arises from the base of the new growth and blooms for around three weeks in the early fall. Up to eighty flowers are closely packed in two rows along the spike; in some species the inflorescence is twisted through its length. The flowers are strongly fragrant, and a large plant can produce numerous spikes. The pseudobulbs are small, supporting a single leaf. All the species are extremely popular and worth collecting. The genus was first described in 1825.

Flower Size: 1 inch (1cm) across

Flower Spike: 2 1/2 feet (75cm)

Plant Height: 1 foot (30cm)

Pot Size: 6 inches (15cm)

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