Fairly Easy Orchids – Stanhopea Assidensis

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I define “fairly easy” orchids as those that, while suitable for a beginner, may not be quite as tolerant of less than ideal conditions as the “easy” orchids.

Among the remarkable stanhopeas there are very few hybrids, and the species are still the most often grown. This is one of those rare hybrids, raised in Britain in 1922, and is a cross between two species, S. wardii and S. tigrina. Both parents originate from Central America, and the hybrid exhibits characteristics from each. It has the classical Stanhopea shape, the flowers being almost bat-like, with the lip and column held apart from the petals and sepals. The coloring is rich yellow overlaid with red spotting. When grown on large plants several flower spikes with up to six blooms per spike can be produced in one summer season, greatly extending the flowering period from a few days to several weeks. This orchid will suit most indoor temperatures but needs to be suspended in good light. Do not water when dormant. Like all stanhopeas, it must be grown in a hanging slatted basket to accommodate the flower spike that burrows through the potting mix to emerge underneath or at the side. Orchids are full of surprises!

Flower Size: 5 inches (12cm) across

Flower Spike: 4 inches (10cm)

Plant Height: 1 foot (30cm)

Basket Size: 6-8 inches (20-25cm)

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