Fertilization Of A Dendrobium Orchid Flower – Part Two

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The process of germination varies considerably with different genera and species.

Phaius grandifolius requires much less time to complete fructification and the process has finished in two months, and Paphiopedilum insigne in four months; the speediest are some of the hardy terrestrial orchids which are pollinated and germinate in eight or nine days to a fortnight.

There are very few orchids which are capable of self-fertilization, among them being Disa crassicornis from South Africa, the pendulous and deciduous Dendrobium cretaceum from India and Burma and two North American species Gymnadenia tridentata and Platanthera hyperborea.

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One response on “Fertilization Of A Dendrobium Orchid Flower – Part Two”

  1. Gertrude Reichman says:

    I have a dendrobium orchild which has set what looks
    like a seed pod. It is outdoors. I have enclosed the
    pod stem with a mesh bag just in case it might fall
    off. If the pod fills out and matures, is the mesh
    enough to catch any seeds that might fall out? or do
    i need something more solid if the seeds are pollen
    like and might fall through the mesh. Any input you can
    give me would be appreciated. thank u Gerty

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