General Orchid Plant Light Requirements

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In this post I give the general light requirements for orchid plants. But please keep in mind that each orchid has its own cultural requirements (see the many posts I’ve created on this blog for plant specific growing guidelines).


From spring to autumn the general requirement is a brightly lit spot away from direct sunlight. There are exceptions; plants from the forest floor such as the Jewel Orchid will thrive in quite shady conditions whereas Cymbidium needs summer sun when not in flower. In winter it will be necessary to move the plant closer to the window as some direct sun is no longer a problem. Always grow orchids in a room which is lit at night during winter.

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2 Responses to “General Orchid Plant Light Requirements”

  1. myra says:

    Can i grown phals, cymb, onc orchids all on a kitchen window sill .It has a slatted blind & good light .All in clear pots within a pot both has drainaged holes pots stood on gravel.potted in orchid compost(could not find the large piece bark .)Can i grow a vanda in a pot? .Will it flower ?I have been given seedlings which i have put into a propagar in greenhouse will they be warm enough as we not not have the heating on in it now ,I have put all three into 1 pot .2 dem 1 vanda.

  2. admin says:

    @ Myra. The great thing about Cymbidium orchids is they are recommended for beginners as they will withstand more neglect than other types. Cymbidium’s need a bright spot with some morning or evening sun. These big plants are very easy to grow.

    Oncidium orchids like lots of light for best bloom and a bright southern windowsill often works well. Most prefer intermediate temperatures. The Oncidiums grow best in clay pots fill with a coarse, well-drained mix. They require good air movement (breezes and fans) along with humidity above 50%. Oncidiums prefer lots of water with a drying out between each watering.

    One of the great things about caring for Phalaenopsis orchids is that the temperature requirements are similar to that of many homes, making it an ideal house plant. They prefer lower light and warm home temperatures where winter nights do not drop below 60?F.

    Take a look at my post Orchids For The Window Sill for more information and tips on how to care for orchids in the window sill.

    Vandas in pots should be potted in coarse charcoal or bark, as their roots require ample air. Check out my post Blooming Vanda Orchids for Information about specific blooming conditions of Vanda orchid plants and flowers including ideal light and shade, temperature, humidity, air circulation, water, soil and planting beds, potting medium, feeding and fertilization.

    I hope some of this information helps! Happy growing 🙂

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