Mounted Orchid Plants

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Many epiphytes also grow well if mounted on slabs of cork oak bark of suitable size or firmly attached to wooden slat rafts or to chunks of tree fern fiber.

  • At first, they must be tied firmly to the surface, usually with coarse nylon thread, plastic tape or copper wire, but new roots will soon grow out and attach themselves to the support.
  • Plants with fine roots or substantial moisture requirements may benefit from being attached to their mounts within an envelope or against a pad of sphagnum moss mixed with a little orchid compost.
  • Mounted plants on bark or tree fern slabs may not need further attention for many years, apart from regular misting or plunging and a weak liquid feed from time to time. If the plants become loose it may be desirable to transfer them to a fresh mount.
  • Sometimes a thick growth of unwanted moss or slime mold may develop around mounted plants and this may need to be removed from time to time to make sure the roots do not lack air.
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