Orchid Plant Pests In My Greenhouse – Part One – Naughty Nuisances!

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Aphids are often a nuisance, they attack young shoots and on flower buds, especially during the winter months. Unless there are numerous amounts of them, they can usually be gently removed with your fingers, or killed off by spraying them with soapy water.

Malathion is the safest general purpose insecticide for greenhouse use and is effective against aphids and many kinds of scale insects (many stores carry products that contain a mixture).

Mealy bugs are more resilient because of their water-resistant outer covering. These sap-sucking insects lurk on the undersides of leaves, under the sheaths on pseudobulbs and stems and within the bracts (modified leaves, below the petals) supporting the flowers. Regular inspection and treatment are the best means of keeping insect pests at bay. Insecticides such as Malathion are best used as wettable powders rather than as liquids which have xylene as a solvent. There is no danger of foliage burn with wettable powders, but they may leave an unsightly deposit.

For more information on orchid plant pests in your greenhouse, check out Part Two – Creepy Crawlers and Part Three – Oh Mites!

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