Orchid Plant Pests In My Greenhouse – Part Three – Oh Mites!

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Red spider mites and several species of false spider mites are probably the worst of pests for orchid plants.

They are very small and difficult to see, even with a magnifying glass! But the damage they do is easily recognizable. Small pits or tiny silver spots on the lower surface of the leaves are evidence of their presence. Other species make irregularly shaped depressions in the leaf surface which are often yellowish brown in color. Mites multiply rapidly in warm and dry conditions. This is usually the key to their control. If mites are present in a greenhouse, it means that the environment is not humid enough for the orchids. A heavy infestation of mites can be controlled with a miticide such as Kelthane or Pentac. Either of these should be used in cool weather and at least two applications should be made at ten-day intervals in order to ensure that all stages of the mite’s life cycle are killed.

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  1. Fran Greco says:

    My orchid has a large blister type of growth on the leaves. What is this and how to treat


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