What To Know And Do During Orchid Fall Season

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Now that the air has cooled, orchid fall season is upon us. This is the time of year when daylight is limited and the sun is lower on the horizon (shorter days). The time when you’ll start to notice your orchids changing. Here I’ve come up with a list of things you’ll want to look out for during orchid fall season.

What To Know And Do During Orchid Fall Season

  • Because of the decrease in sunlight you wont need to water your orchid as often.
  • Decrease the use of fertilizer (during this time of the year, orchids start to reduce their metabolism).
  • Phalenopsis orchids; house or garden plants, enjoy the change in climate (mainly the variation in temperatures). In order for phalenopsis orchids to re-bloom, they need the variation in temperature.
  • During the orchid fall season, orchids require a fertilizer with more phosphorous in it (this is to ready them for re-blooming). This method is commonly known as the “blossom booster.” Use this solution during the start of the fall, then well into the orchid’s blooming period.
  • When bringing orchid plants in from the outdoors, it may be wise to use a copper based compound to spray the orchids to prevent “rot;” disease and pests tend to love devouring our precious orchids during the fall seasons.
  • If you want an orchid that blooms in the fall, then the Cymbidium is the choice for you! They have a nice mild scent to them, and can bare large blossoms. The season for the Cymbidium orchid lasts around seven months.
  • You may want to stake your orchid (depending on the species) since some of them are large flowers and with many on a spike.
  • Once your orchid has bloomed, you’ll want to consider getting it back to a balanced fertilizer.
  • Another beautiful flower to bloom during the fall season is Paphs. They love the cooler climate and flourish in it!  As Paphs begin to blossom you’ll want to use a fertilizer with high phosphorous; “blossom booster.” This will bring out their best coloring.
  • Even though Paphs hate to dry out, now is the time to remember to cut back a little on the watering (avoiding root rot).
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