Coelogyne Orchid Plant Care

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Blooming, Growing Indoors

The general color of this species is usually white or tawny brown to green and occasionally some peachy tones pop up as well! They often have a sweet scent, attracting many different pollinators. Although the Coelogyne orchids lack the popularity amongst orchid growers, there are new hybrids being man-made all the time.

The Coelogyne orchid has been known to be found across India, China Indonesia and Fiji, but mainly found in centers in Borneo, Sumatra and the Himalayas. This particular orchid has never really become popular in homes due to vast growing parameters. It’s important to know where this particular orchid came from when purchasing.

Coelogyne Orchid Care Preferences

  • Humidity – Coelogyne Orchids grow best with a humidity tray underneath them and 60-80% humidity. If you are not able to use a tray, I find that it helps to mist your orchid to add a little humidity to the air (this works if your orchid is in a warmer area).
  • Light and Air – Coelogyne Orchids prefer shade to low medium light. Be sure that your orchid isn’t in direct contact with a breeze (hot or cold).
  • Watering – Do not allow these Coelogyne Orchids to fully dry out between watering (drying out below the surface between watering is perfect).
  • Temperature – During the day this particular orchid prefers its temperature to be between 80 to 85 degrees F. In the evening the Coelogyne orchid prefers it a little cooler, between 65 to 70 degrees F. Coelogyne Orchids’ temperature should not dip below 50 or jump above 86 degrees F; they do best in cooler environments.
  • Potting and Repotting – Repot Coelogyne Orchids every year or two with fine bark.
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