Common Orchid Plant – Coelogyne Orchid

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Care and Culture, Classification

The Coelogyne orchid plant is a genus of over 200 sympodial epiphytes (orchids which grow laterally and produce leafy growths along a rhizome). Because of the popularity in distribution, this genus has resulted in a wide range of temperature variation from species to species. So it’s obviously important to know where your Coelogyne orchid was distributed from.

The Coelogyne orchid has been known to be found across India, China Indonesia and Fiji, but mainly found in centers in Borneo, Sumatra and the Himalayas. This particular ochid has never really become popular in homes due to vast growing perameters.

The general color of this species is usually white, or tawny brown to green, and occasionally some peachy tones pop up as well! They often have a sweet scent, attracting many different pollinators. Although the Coelogyne orchid lack the popularity amongst orchid growers, there are new hybrids being man-made all the time, such as:

List of Common Coelogyne Orchid Hybrids

  • Coelogyne ‘Mem. W. Micholitz’ (C. mooreana × C. lawrenceana)
  • Coelogyne ‘Linda Buckley’ (C. mooreana × C. cristata)
  • Coelogyne ‘Burfordiensis’ (C. pandurata × C. asperata)
  • Coelogyne ‘South Carolina’ (C. pandurata x C. Burfordiense)
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