Easy Orchids – Lycaste Skinneri

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I define “easy” orchids as those that can be grown indoors in mild climates in homes that have the heating on during the daytime in winter.

This species was introduced from Guatemala in 1840 by George Ure-Skinner, after whom it was named. Today, it is the national flower of that country. This is an extremely pretty and variable species that was once grown extensively in collections, and the many color forms were all collected. Today it is very rare, and it is the colorful hybrids that have been produced from it that are more often seen. The species is usually encountered under the above name, although botanically it is describes as L. virginalis. The plant is semi-deciduous and enjoys cool conditions, with plenty of water in the summer and a dry rest in the winter. One flower per spike appears in the spring and will last for six weeks.

Flower Size: 4 inches (10cm) across

Flower Spike: 8 inches (20cm)

Plant Height: 1 1/2 feet (45cm)

Pot Size: 4 inches (10cm)

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