Fairly Easy Orchids – Zygopetalum Luisendorf

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I define “fairly easy” orchids as those that, while suitable for a beginner, may not be quite as tolerant of less than ideal conditions as the “easy” orchids.

Zygopetalums are becoming more and more popular as new varieties and hybrids that are easy to grow and bloom freely come onto the market. Bred from species originally imported from Brazil, the dominant colors have always been green and brown. By incorporating other species, new colors are being created to greatly extend the range and desirability. This new hybrid produces a compact plant, which blooms from the latest pseudobulb throughout the fall. The fragrant blooms, two to three at a time, are held at the end of the flower spike and will last for three to four weeks. They are light olive-brown with a large; spreading purple lip that is deeply veined and colored. Grow in cool to intermediate temperatures in a well-drained potting mix to prevent the plant from getting too wet in winter.

Flower Size: 2 1/2 inches (6cm) across

Flower Spike: 1 foot (30cm)

Plant Height: 10 inches (25cm)

Pot Size: 5 inches (12cm)

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