Importing Orchids

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When your hobby has progressed as far as looking for rarities, be cautious when importing orchids from another country. Be sure to check plant heath regulations for your own country and the exporting country.

Within the European Union there is free movement of plants without any restriction. But in other countries; such as the United States and Britain, permits are required. The responsibility is on the importer (you) to abide by their country’s ruling, not on the exporter to check what is allowed.

Australia, being an island continent, is the most difficult place into which to import plants of any sort; a long period of quarantine is strictly enforced, and the losses that can occur as a result of this make importing orchids uneconomical for Australian citizens. To avoid the disappointment of having the orchids you purchased while on holiday confiscated when you return home, make sure you have obtained all the necessary documents beforehand. In other words, it is always easier to buy from a local or reputable online supplier!

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