Terrestrial Orchids

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This post describes what terrestrial orchids’ are, as well as examples of the specific terrestrial orchids to help!

Orchids grow in almost every natural environment. In northern Canada and Siberia, where long, severe winters are followed by short summers, small terrestrial (soil-growing) orchids such as cypripediums or “ladies’ slipper orchids” (also found throughout Europe) develop and bloom in just a few weeks during the summer snow melt, before dying down again for the winter.

Most terrestrial orchids produce underground tubers and a single stem with leaves that extend into the flowering spike, and are renewed once a year! Terrestrial orchids appear all over the world and on many different types of landmasses; in grasslands and woodlands in parts of Europe where agriculture is less intensive, they often grow in abundances. Elsewhere, they are found in habitats ranging from dry Australian deserts; which have their own unique orchid flowers, to a high mountain plateau!

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