Monopodial Orchids

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This post describes what monopodial orchids’ are, as well as examples of the specific monopodial orchids to help!

Phalaenopsis “Moth Orchids,” vandas, ascocentrums, and aerides, which come from the Far East and the Philippines, are all examples of monopodial orchids. This means that they grow from single or multiple stems, from the tip of which new leaves are produced to form a fan-like growth with foliage extending on alternate sides of the stem. These plants can be very short and compact; like the phalaenopsis, or may grow into tall, sometimes straggly specimens like the vandas and related plants. Their flower spikes appear from the leaf axils (the area between a leaf and the stem from which the leaf arises) at the side of the main stem, which does not interfere with the progress of growth. From the bare stem at the base of the plant, fleshy white roots (silvery and flattened in phalaenopsis) will grow, and will adhere to any surface with which they come in contact.

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