Orchid Plant Health: What’s Wrong and How to Fix it

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We’ve put together a fun troubleshooting guide to help address a few of the most common orchid plant health problems. Although this infographic won’t cover every single problem your orchid might have, it’s a good way to begin and diagnose some easily identifiable issues such as root rot, bud blast, insufficient light, and more.

Orchid Plant Health

Have you experienced one of these problems with your orchid? What was the best way you treated the plant so that it returned to good health? Let us know below or feel free to ask us any further questions about your orchid.

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6 Responses to “Orchid Plant Health: What’s Wrong and How to Fix it”

  1. Dawn says:

    I have a question for you. On the leaves of my orchid, there appears to be “sap” dripping from the leaves. It is not mealy bugs, but the droplets are clear and sticky to the touch. I’ve never seen anything like this before on any of my other orchids. This one is not a phalaenopsis, It could be a dendrobium (Not sure).

    1. Natalie says:

      Well is it jelly

      1. Tisha Armstrong says:

        It’s called Happy Sap. ItS harmless and just means that your orchid is happy where she is. If it bothers you, just clean it off with a cotton ball and lemon juice but don’t rub the backs of the leaves with the cotton ball as the orchid breaths from the back of the leaf but as long as you don’t have her in direct lighting, it’s harmless, if so then the sun could possible burn the leaves where ever the sap is present. Hope that helps.

  2. John Sterling says:

    Hi, I have always been very successful in growing on my orchids but this year am having both bud blast and something new. A sticky substance (droplets) not on the leaves but on the about to flower stems even though they have bud blast and others not yet at the bud stage. I stress, this is only on the flower stems not the leaves. I also believe I can see very fine spider like web trails (the very long ones that would secure the web to the location) although no sign of spiders or eggs. Any ideas please?

    1. Celeste Booth says:

      Hi John, if you had mentioned that your orchids seemed healthy other than this sticky substance, I would have told you that it is probably just the natural sugary secretion that is sometimes produced by orchids (and quite normal). However since you’ve been experiences problems, this might indicate a pests. Aphids, scale (most common) and mealy bug are possible culprits, and leave honeydew secretions behind. You can use our pest guide as a further resource: https://www.orchidplantcare.info/files/orchid-pest-guide/

  3. Laura Schmidt says:

    My dendrobiums root are drown

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