Orchid That Needs Care – Vanda Bangkok Pink

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I define “needs care” orchids as those that, in temperate climates, are most suited to growing in a greenhouse or conservatory, where better conditions can be created to suit their needs.

Raised in Thailand in 1993, this robust and vigorous hybrid combines the best qualities that are sought in this type of orchid. Like most vandas, the plants will bloom at various times of the year, with six blooms to a spike and the flowers lasting for up to six weeks. When gown well, two flowering can be expected in a year. The plants should be housed in slatted wooden baskets, where their extensive aerial roots can spread freely. This makes them unsuitable as houseplants, even in a warm room – they do best in tropical countries, where they are extremely easy. In temperate climates with colder winters these orchids are challenging to grow, although it can be done with care in a warm, humid greenhouse.

Flower Size: 4 inches (10cm) across

Flower Spike: 10 inches (25cm)

Plant Height: 2 feet (60cm)

Basket Size: 4 inches (10cm) long

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2 Responses to “Orchid That Needs Care – Vanda Bangkok Pink”

  1. Sheila Cullinane says:

    Hi my orchid plant is losing its leave and first of all the flowers all fell. off..i moved tit to a lighter place with no sun can you help this plant. thanks

  2. Sheila Cullinane says:

    Hi my orchid plant is losing its leaves and firstly the flower all fell off…i moved it to a lighter place with no sun.. i also gave it a drop of feed. Can you please help with this plant. thanks

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