Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Care

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You will find Phalaenopsis everywhere that orchids are sold. The flat-faced flowers are born on arching stems, each bloom lasting for about a month.

The hybrids that are available are easy to grow, and with proper care will flower intermittently all year round. Popularly known as the Moth Orchid, it needs a bright but sunless spot with a minimum winter temperature of 64 degrees F (18 degrees C); Phalaenopsis does not enjoy the cool nights favored by some other types. It will grow quite happily with day temperatures as high as 82 degrees F (28 degrees C), but give it a rest period by putting it in a room with a lower temperature than ites usual home for a few weeks in autun. Do not cut off the roots growing outside the pot.

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  1. Shirley Lance says:

    I need to know whether a continuing blooming plant suddenly looses its flowers and what to do. One day it’s flourishing, the next, it’s dropping petals until they’re all gone. Is this a resting period? Will blooms come back? I live in the #5 climate and it’s in a place where it gets plenty of light but not direct sun. I also follow the watering and fertilizing directions.

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