Popular Orchid Flower – Cambria

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You will find the name Cambria on the label of long-stemmed plants which are available wherever orchids are sold, but you will not find it in most books!

It is a plant which does not occur in nature; it is a hybrid of other orchid genera and is more correctly known as Vuylstekeara. The long-lasting flowers are available in various shapes and sizes; the flower stalks require support. A windowsill is a favorite site for this plant; provide shade against direct sunlight in the summer. Cambria should be kept in a room which is lit after dark in the winter. The minimum winter temperature is 54 degrees F (13 degrees C). The compost must never be allowed to dry out; reduce but do not stop watering in the winter.

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  1. J M Freeman says:

    When I bought my Cambria it had beautiful blooms. It is now about 18 months since I had a flower on it. I have no idea what to do to produce another bloom. Any help will be gratefully received. Thank you.

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