Popular Orchid Flower – Cattleya

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The white Cattleya bloom is the Corsage Orchid; the largest of all orchid flowers in cultivation.

Waxy and with a frilled and colorful lip it is the showpiece of the orchid world, but not all Cattleyas are giants. There are miniature ones and there is a wide range of colors; always choose a hybrid as they are much easier to grow than the species. Flowering times range from spring to autumn, depending on the variety; the flowers last for about 3 weeks. Let it rest after flower for about 6 weeks by giving less water. The minimum winter temperature should be 54 degrees F (13 degrees C); place the pot in a bright spot with morning or evening sun. Wipe the leaves occasionally with tepid water.

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Commonly known as the Corsage orchid.

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One response on “Popular Orchid Flower – Cattleya”

  1. Judy Rhodes says:

    I have two Cattelaya that I bought about 4 yrs ago (in bloom) Even though they look healthy (fat pseudobulbs, medium green leaves) they have not rebloomed.
    I fertilize “weakly, weekly”
    They sit by an East window, but do not get direct sun,
    any suggestions?
    thank you,
    Judy Rhodes

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